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Workdrive for ZOHO CRM

The Workdrive for Zoho CRM enables CRM Users to View/Create/Update/Rename/Delete/Share all the files, folders and nested sub-folders associated with records through Widget and workflow for all Standard and Custom Modules. Attachments from your respective CRM records can be synced and stored into your associated Workdrive Folder. 

Objective of the Integration

By integrating Workdrive with ZOHO CRM, you can perform day to day operations inside ZOHO CRM without going to Workdrive. Folders are created using workflow trigger and can add Multiple Folders Structure based on specific requirements. It enables you to have most of the related features of Workdrive inside ZOHO CRM. You do not need to Create Folders on Record Create, you can set up workflow and define how Folders and Created and Where to save the ID for further use.

How to Install

  • Navigate to Zoho Marketplace, Search for Workdrive for Zoho CRM, or  Go to the Link
  • Start a Free Trial and follow the procedure.
  • Once installed, it will redirect to the Setting Page of Extension.
  • Authenticate Zoho Connection. Please note that you must have Zoho Work Drive Activated.
  • Data Center URL is automatically selected.
  • Following default Settings for Lead/Contacts/Accounts/Deals/Campaigns are created on Installation
    1. Workflow to Create Folder on Record Create
    2. Related List to visualise the Files and Folders
    3. Default Folder Name and Folder Structure are created, if you like you can change the Folder naming convention and Sub Folder Structure.
  • Now you are ready to use the Plugins.
  • For Custom Modules, we can achieve this using Custom Action from Workflow. Please check the Use Case Section.

How to Use our Extension

Default Features

  • The easyWorkdrive module comes with default settings that are pre-configured for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and Campaigns. Additionally, five workflows are automatically created for each of these modules.
  • When the easyWorkdrive module is installed, a Team folder will be created automatically with 5 root folders for the five default modules.For each module, on create of Record, a new Folder will be created with Record’s Name in respective folder. You can change the folder name in the module settings.
  • After a record is created in any of the modules, a folder will be automatically created for it.
  • To access the related easyWorkdrive features for a particular record, go to the record and look for the related list named easyWorkdrive. Click on it to access the extension widget.

How to Sync Records Attachment to Workdrive

To sync attachments to the Workdrive folder, follow these steps:

  • Click on the easyWorkdrive related list inside the record and find the extension widget.
  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Click the “sync attachments” button and the extension will start downloading all the attachments and saving them to the folder.
  • Once the sync is complete, you can see all the synced files inside the folder. If you add new attachments, only the new ones will be downloaded and saved to the folder. Previous attachments won’t be copied again.
  • You can also sync the folders inside subfolders by navigating to the folder from the related list and clicking on settings. Then, click on “sync attachments” to initiate the sync.

Sub Folder for Default Modules

  • Access your CRM settings.
  • Navigate to the Marketplace and select “All”.
  • Click on “Installed” and locate the WorkDrive for Zoho CRM extension.
  • In the extension’s module settings, you will find five modules and the default folder structure. Click on the “+” button to add a new subfolder option.
  • Input the name of the subfolder, which can be anything or a merge field from the module.
  • Access fields from the record by using the “#” symbol.
  • Save the settings.
  • The extension will automatically create subfolders based on your naming convention whenever a record is created in the corresponding module.

Create Folder with Sub Folder for Custom Module using Workflow

Using the WorkDrive for Zoho CRM extension with a custom module requires the following steps:

1. Define Root Folder ID and Share URL Fields

Before creating the workflow, you must define where the root folder ID will be saved in the module. Additionally, if you want to create a folder share URL, create a single-line field for the root folder ID and a URL field for the folder share URL.

2. Create a Workflow

  • Select the Custom module.
  • Create WorkDrive settings using easyWorkdrive.
  • Select the action. For “create folder,” there are two root folder types to choose from.
  • If you select the static root folder type, all vendors will be in one specific root folder. Next, select the root folder from inside.
  • Provide the folder naming structure.
  • Select where to save the folder ID.
  • Select whether you want to share the folder. If yes, select the share folder URL to a field in the record.
  • Save the workflow.
  • Autopopulated Root Folder ID and Share Link
  • After creating a new record in the custom module, the root folder ID and share link will be autopopulated.

3. View WorkDrive Folders Inside CRM Record Using Widget

To view WorkDrive folders inside the CRM record using the widget:

  • Go to any record of that custom module.
  • Click on “Add Related List” on the left side.
  • Click “Widgets.”
  • Click “WorkDrive by Easy Pluginz,” then click “Install” and give it a suitable name.
  • After refreshing, you can see the widget by clicking the related list you just created.
  • Select Root Folder ID in the Widget

The first time you use the widget, it will ask where the root folder ID has been saved. You need to select the root folder ID. This is only a one-time process.

Create Sub Folders, where Root Folder ID is already Saved, using Workflow

To create a subfolder conditionally using a workflow, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and create a Workflow Rule.
  • Select the condition. For example, for deals when the deal stage is closed won.
  • Select “Create WorkDrive Setting (easyWorkdrive)” as the instant action.
  • Select “Create Folder”
  • Choose “Dynamic Root Folder” as the root folder type. This means that the root folder ID is already in the record.
  • Choose the field name where the root folder ID is saved.
  • Specify the folder naming structure as per your needs.
  • Now on change of the stage(Condition), a new sub folder will be created to the record.


How to Delete Record with workflow

To delete a folder based on a condition using a workflow rule, follow these steps:

  • Create a Workflow Rule.
  • Select the “On Edit” trigger as the workflow trigger.
  • Select a condition for which you want to delete the folder.
  • Select “Create WorkDrive Setting (easyWorkdrive)” as the instant action.
  • Choose “Delete Folder” as the action.
  • Choose the field name for the folder ID that belongs to the account record.
  • Save your workflow settings to enable folder deletion based on the condition.

Now, whenever the condition is met, the folder associated with the account record will be deleted.

How to use Related List Widget - Overview of the Related List Widget Functionality

  • The widget displays the current state of the folder in the Zoho WorkDrive.
  • Users can create a new folder or upload files directly from the widget.
  • The breadcrumb feature allows users to navigate through multiple folders inside.
  • Two views are available for files – list view and grid view with file thumbnails.
  • Users can directly preview files without downloading them.
  • Settings include the option to sync CRM record attachments, refresh the widget, and generate share links for folders and download links.
  • Users can rename or delete files and folders, download files, copy or move files from one folder to another, and generate file share links directly from the related list widget.