Zoho Store Tracker (for Zoho Partners Only)

Experience a transformative boost for your Zoho consulting practice by harnessing the power of the ‘Store Tracker’ extension. With this indispensable tool at your disposal, you can effortlessly and effectively monitor commissions while staying ahead of any transaction issues within Zoho Stores. It’s the key to elevating your professional standards and ensuring your practice’s continued success. Don’t wait any longer – seize the opportunity to enhance your operations with the ‘Store Tracker’ extension today

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Store Tracker For Zoho CRM

The Store Tracker extension is a powerful and specialized tool exclusively designed for Zoho Partners. This extension enables seamless integration between Zoho Store and CRM systems, catering specifically to the needs of Zoho consulting practices.

It offers robust data synchronization, including critical information such as subscriptions, transactions, and commissions, while respecting data privacy and requesting minimal permissions.

With multiple datacenter compatibility, responsive support channels, and ethical data handling, the “Store Tracker” extension empowers Zoho Partners to enhance reporting, automation, and data integrity within their consulting practices.

Key Features

Multi Store Support

Multi Store Support

Seamlessly manage data from multiple stores (US, EU, IN, AU) in one unified platform.

Effortless Historical Data Retrieval

Effortless Historical Data Retrieval

Save time and energy with automatic historical data retrieval upon installation.

Precise Commission Tracking

Precise Commission Tracking

Pinpoint commissions, eligible percentages, and transaction-commission associations with precision.

Data Security Assurance

Data Security Assurance

Rest easy knowing that all data remains within Zoho, with minimal information (Org ID and admin email) collection for making this extension functional.

Comprehensive Historical Insights

Comprehensive Historical Insights

Gain a holistic view of transactions, commissions, and subscriptions in a single, organized repository.

Visualize Data With Clarity

Visualize Data with Clarity

Enhance data comprehension with intuitive, color-coded charts for easy visualization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Store Tracker" extension, and who is it designed for?

The "Store Tracker" extension is a specialized tool developed by Insta Web Works exclusively for Zoho Partners. It facilitates the seamless integration of Zoho Store data into CRM systems. This extension is tailored specifically to meet the needs of Zoho consulting practices.

What data does the extension synchronize with CRM systems?

The extension synchronizes critical data, including Subscriptions (comprising app or bundle details and customer licenses), Transactions (covering actions like renewals, cancellations, and changes), and Commissions (records for commission-eligible transactions).

How can I seek support or assistance for the "Store Tracker" extension?

For support, you can contact our dedicated developers via email at support@instawebworks.com.au or admin@instawebworks.com.au. Additionally, you can schedule a support session through this link

Can I control the frequency of data synchronization with the extension?

No. by default, the extension syncs data every 4 hours. However, we have a button that allows users to initiate on-demand data synchronization, providing flexibility and control over data updates.

How can the "Store Tracker" extension benefit my Zoho consulting practice?

This extension provides invaluable support to Zoho Partners by enabling them to monitor commissions and track the growth of subscriptions and transactions seamlessly. Additionally, it aids partners in efficiently identifying and addressing any missing commissions originating from the Zoho Store. This comprehensive functionality enhances your consulting practice's efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring robust financial oversight.

Is the "Store Tracker" extension an official Zoho product?

No, the "Store Tracker" extension is not an official Zoho product. It was independently developed outside of the standard Zoho extension marketplace process.

In which regions does the extension support data centers?

The "Store Tracker" extension supports data centers in the United States, Australia, India, and the European Union. Users have the flexibility to enable multiple data centers within the extension.

What permissions does the extension require?

The extension requests minimal permissions necessary for its functionality. It specifically requests permissions for reading subscriptions, transactions, and commission data.

How does the extension handle data privacy?

User data is securely kept within the Zoho platform or their local web browser. The extension may collect basic usage data for page improvement purposes. Importantly, it does not harvest user data for any consulting practice or external purpose, ensuring data remains within the user's protected space.

Is there any risk of the extension accessing or sharing my data without my consent?

Absolutely not. The "Store Tracker" extension upholds strict ethical standards and data integrity. It does not engage in unauthorized data access or sharing with external consulting practices. Your data remains protected and secure.

Store Tracker. Get it now.

Empower your Zoho consulting practice to effortlessly monitor commissions and proactively resolve transaction issues within Zoho Stores. Elevate your professional standards with the ‘Store Tracker’ extension today.