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Deluge Code Backup

The Deluge Code backup extension enables Zoho Cliq users to store their codes in the corresponding Zoho WorkDrive folder.

Objective of the Integration

By integrating the Deluge Code backup extension with Zoho Cliq, users can effortlessly save their codes directly to their designated Zoho WorkDrive folder without switching platforms. 

How to Install

  • Navigate to Zoho Marketplace, Search for Deluge Code Backup, or  Go to the Link
  • Click on the install button
  • After installation, a folder named “Code Backup” will be created on your workdrive.

How to Use our Extension

  • Navigate to any chat text box, type “/addcode”, and press enter on your keyboard.
  • Grant all permission to the extension and click on proceed to allow.J8rqLZTrd9Z7QAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==
  • Click on “add new client” to either create a new folder or choose an existing one.
  • Z8UiafqoOVyrgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

  • Enter the folder name and function name, then paste your code into the designated code section.

  • After you add the code you will get a preview option in the chat which is only visible to you.ATuRK5Nx6MmVAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC
  • The code will be stored in the form of a document.CBXam1yhiNYAAAAASUVORK5CYII=